EDUCASSA, education from the beginning

EDUCASSA, education from the beginning

Environmental education program


CASSA has been developing for over 25 years an environmental education program that has been awarded and recognized several times by national and international institutions and organizations. The program, which takes place in schools in municipalities where CASSA manages the water supply, wants to promote a responsible water consumption.


With the help of a team of educators specialized CASSA Foundation offers three levels of school activities as covering all compulsory basic education; from 3 to 14 years.



EDUCASSA program has incorporated a new activity to raise awareness of the importance of water reuse in the future way of managing resources. The current students will be the future managers of resources, so we invite you to participate in this activity, so that you become an ambassador and important piece for change. The future is in your hands, you want to help build it?





  • Total participating students from 3-14 years old (2016): 5,184 students


  • Participating students from 10-14 years old (target group) (2016): 1,657 students


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CASSA painting competition (annual event)

  • Participants: students that have participated in the activity related to “The long path of water: from the sink to the river” (only one drawing per participant).
  • Procedure: Participants submit their drawings to their teachers. Each school select the best three drawings which will be considered as finalists of the competition. The schools should submit the finalist drawings to CASSA headquarters.
  • Drawing competition opening date: March.
  • Drawing submission deadline: Mid-December.
  • Winners of the best drawing are presented in a public event (winning students and schools) (following year)
  • Judging criteria: Originality and quality of the drawing.
  • Property rights: CASSA reserves the property rights of the drawings as well as the capacity of adapting the drawings for further use.
  • Awards for individuals (2016):
    • First place: mountain bike
    • Second place: scooter
    • 10 finalists: Bluetooth speakers
    • All finalists: Surprise prize
  • Awards for schools (2016):
    • First prize school: 300€ in school material
    • Second prize school: 100€ in school material
  • Participants in 2016: 21 schools, 64 finalists, 600 students (in total).



EDUCASSA celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017. A set of conferences has been organised delivered by local and regional experts (open to the public, free entry but confirmation requested): 


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Great path of water

The great path of water (3 to 5 years)


  • Experimental activity to distinguish the basic properties of water (no color, no taste, no smell) and to learn the basic concepts of the water cycle, internalize special sensitivities around the water and learn about the good management of water for domestic use.
  • Experimenting with water and the water cycle, play the game "open and close" and the story of the water.
  • It takes place in the classroom of the school. It lasts an hour and the cost is free for schools in municipalities where CASSA manages the water service.



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Water is transformed

Water is transformed (6 to 9 years)


  • Experimental activity to distinguish some of the main properties of water (solid, liquid, gas), learn about the water cycle, distinguishing between the main stages and learn some behaviors and qualities about responsible consumption.
  • Experimenting with water (evaporation, rain, condensation ...), the water cycle  and play the game "SOS water."
  • It takes place in the classroom of the school. It lasts an hour and the cost is free for schools in municipalities where CASSA manages the water service.



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The water cycle

The water cycle (10 to 14)


  • The objectives of the activity are to learn about the water cycle, taking into account the management, uses, consumer education and environmental implications. Realize the impact of wastewater and its treatment process.
  • Educational introduction in the school and visit to a treatment plant (In Sabadell - Riu Ripoll). Explanation about of the origin of water in the village, about CASSA, remote monitoring system and distribution network in the municipality, among others.
  • The cost is free for schools in municipalities where CASSA manages the water service.



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    In which countries can we deploy this very interesting program?

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    Can this programme be deployed to other utilities in developing municipalities in Mozambique?

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    good idea! We need to raise awareness also of our kids!

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