Successful cases in the efficient management of water in Sabadell

Successful cases in the efficient management of water in Sabadell

In this section we want to show several cases of success in the efficient management of water in Sabadell explained by the same organizations, companies or individuals that have carried them out. If you know any case of success that you think would be interesting to show here, please explain them on the comments section.

Remote management for green spaces irrigation

By Joan Gual. Head of Parks and Gardens. Ajuntament De Sabadell.


Summary: Implementation of a remote and centralized management system of the irrigation network in order to achieve a more efficient management of irrigation water, adjusting the consumption to the real needs of the vegetation.


Obtained results: Save approximately 35% of irrigation water


The remote control of the irrigation allows the remote and centralized management of the irrigation network of the green spaces of the city. Thanks to this system, irrigation will stop automatically in the event of rain and irrigation programs can be changed quickly depending on the real weather conditions, achieving significant water savings as well as saving time for maintenance personnel dedicated to the programming, closure and opening of the irrigation.


The main features of the system are specified in:

- The system allows you to program, open and close the irrigation in a few minutes;
- It allows to control the consumption of water consumed in different sectors;
- Control and act on possible leaks;
- It allows connecting climate sensors to stop the irrigation automatically in a situation of rain, wind or ice;
- Remotely check the state of the irrigation system and the telemantenimiento of the entire network;
- The system integrates and monitors the location of programming equipment in GIS systems;
- Allows you to assign access and management privileges based on the role each user has;

Sabadell is a pioneer City Council in the management of irrigation systems, beginning with the use of this system in 2004. With the experience acquired during the first years, in 2008, it was decided to implant on the majority of the city a communications system realized by mobile telephony and radio frequency. The whole system management is carried out through a software located on a central server accessed via Internet.


During 2009 and 2010, numerous actions are carried out for the implementation of irrigation remote management, arriving in 2010 to telegestion 80% of lawn surfaces and on 2015 to 100%


The current system implementation data can be seen in Table 1.

taula 1 reg

The resulting water-saving saving achieved with this system is around 35%.

reg sabadell

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Saving leaks at Commercial Area Via Sabadell

By Xavier Jardí. Manager Via Sabadell.


Summay:  Installation of solenoid valves with presence sensor for water leakage savings on the toilets of the center.


Obtained results:  Minimize the leakage of water in the tanks of the toilets


The use of public toilets in shopping centers is high and in many cases, despite periodic inspections of maintenance, some of the valves of the cisterns, of the regenerated water network, suffer leakage, sometimes imperceptible to the human eye but we know that they exist.

We worked with our suppliers for the installation of some solenoid valves at the entrance of each toilet (men and women) entrance, activated with a presence sensor, which activates the electrovalve when detecting a user, so that it not only activates light systems but also activates the regenerated water network.

In this way, when all users leave, the sensors turn off the lights and also close the water network, so that, in the event of having a small leak, it is closed and we avoid excessive consumption.

This installation requires, by security, to bypass the entrance of the regenerated network, so that if the solenoid valve breaks, it is possible to manually open the network and avoid leaving the services out of use.

Given the good reception and knowing that in other EU countries it is usual to use these measures to save water, we have begun, since December 2018, a study of the rest of Shopping Centers and Parks we have in management in the rest of the State with consultancy firms JLL in order to be able to apply these measures of control of water consumption.




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Reduction of irrigation in Via Sabadell

By Xavier Jardí. Manager Via Sabadell.


Summary: Use of humidifying gels for maintenance of green areas

Obtained results: Reducing irrigation programmings in outdoor green areas


During summer periods, in order to reduce the consumption of water in the irrigation of green areas, as long as the weather forecasts are long days of sun and heat, we have an analysis of the type of plants we have in our green areas, so we know which ones are more sensitive.

In these areas, we make a small excavation in each of the plants, about 15 cm deep (varies depending on the rooting of it) and place some ice balls that, when they receive water from the network irrigation system, they swoll, with a high humidity that is slowly allowed to scape, keeping the area wet. That is why it is so important that they are close to the roots.

This measure allows instead of programming the activation of irrigation systems in the area in question every day, it can be done every two or three days, so the water consumption is reduced substantially.

It should be noted that the changes made in the types of plants we choose in our green areas have generated that the use of these measures is reduced substantially, as we choose native plants that we know are adapted to our climate. Nevertheless this measure is also applied to other centers and commercial parks of the Spanish State, managed by the consultancy firm JLL, which due to its location and design of the external green areas, sometimes with non-native elements and little adapted to the climatology of the area, require this type of measure.


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