Water Sustainability Design Jam

Water Sustainability Design Jam

Innovate like Google and Help us find solutions for water problems

Design Jam

Innovate like Google and Help us find solutions for problems related to the world of water.

Based on the Design Sprint of Google Ventures, we propose a Design Jam. An innovative, practical and fun way of work that allows you to outline solutions to great problems in no time. We have taken the Design Sprint and compressed it to get a one-day workshop that allows us to face social challenges.

Learn how to co-create innovative solutions for sustainability issues.

Is your community facing a sustainability problem that needs a solution? Learn how to use the Google Design Sprint methodology to find new approaches to social challenges.

Develop your ideas on prototypes in a single day.

Learn how to create a prototype that is sufficiently real to obtain an authentic and fast response from potential users.

Validate your prototypes and learn how to give them life.

Not only will we show you how to compile feedback from users that interact with your solution, but also show you how to present your concept validated in the POWER ideas contest for sustainable communities, where you can get support for the implementation of the solution

Use Design Sprints for social challenges.

Join our practical workshop to learn how to use Design Sprints, the proven Google innovation methodology that helps you solve problems by designing, creating prototypes and testing ideas with users in very little time time

Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.es/e/design-jam-para-sostenibilidad-del-agua-tickets-52397044972

This workshop is organized within the POWER project, financed by the European Union. The solutions proposed at the end of the workshop can be submitted to the POWER Ideas Contest and have the opportunity to receive prizes for the winning ideas, or the most active users in the contest that they support by giving comments or reviewing solutions.

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  • Mônica Vidal



    Mi idea consiste en talleres de divulgación, concientización e información sobre herramientas y métodos de utilización de agua no potable. La participación en los talleres garantiza descuentos en f...

  • Xavi Barba Espejo



    Mi idea consiste en una reforma educativa dónde se pueda enseñar a los más pequeños a reutilizar el agua no potable por ejemplo regando el huerto con agua de la lluvia. También trataría de enseñar en ...

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  • 29/11/2018

    Water Sustainability Design Jam.

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